“If you’re ready to invest a small but consistent amount of curiosity, gumption and grit into learning how to master mobility and keep your body’s fascia healthy, you will be rewarded with lifetime access to fearless adventure, the freedom to move how and when you want, and the feeling of being unstoppable in your body until the day you die.”
~ Elisha Celeste

Pain doesn’t have to be scary! And it doesn’t mean you have to stop running, biking, climbing or throwing your kids in the air.

Master mobility & eliminate pain:

I will help you decode your body’s messages and get you pain-free in as little as one to two sessions. Together we’ll solve puzzles that confound many doctors and give your body what it needs so you can go back to your adventures and your life – pain-free and unstoppable.

Learn to trust your body.


We work our bodies hard. We’re committed to our adventures and sports and each one demands something different from us. If we invest money and time into the best bikes, trail shoes, yoga teachers, personal trainers, climbing gyms and CrossFit classes, and we’re not invested in keeping our body’s fascia healthy – then we’re missing out on the #1 accelerator for ALL of the above in terms of increasing power, peak performance, injury prevention, pain relief and mobility!

That stabbing, aching, debilitating or even just mildly annoying pain you feel?

Your body isn’t trying to betray you. It’s trying to HELP you.

Your body wants to be healthy and is working towards that 24/7, 365.

Most of my clients first come to me because they’re in pain and desperate to feel better. They keep coming back because they feel a youthful freedom in their bodies again; they’re getting the best race times of their careers; and they want to feel this unstoppable for life.

This might sound too good to be true, but thousands of sessions over a seven year career have taught me two things: no one is too far gone to heal and feel healthy again (no matter what you’ve been told before), and…miracles happen every time we give our body what it needs!

Mobility follows fascia. Mobilize your fascia and you free your body to move with comfort and ease. But…

What is fascia, and why is it SO important?

Fascia is a 3-D spider-web like structure of soft tissue that holds all of our muscles, bones and organs in place. We have more fascia (or connective tissue) than anything else in our bodies. Fascial sheaths encapsulate every single nerve ending in our body, every muscle fiber, muscle bundle and muscle group, and then turns into tendon and ligament (also fascia) which attaches to joints and bones. Some theories suggest we don’t have 600 different muscles in our body, but one giant muscle housed in different fascial sheaths!  

This stretch powerfully releases restricted fascia in the forearm, which is a major contributor to carpal tunnel, numbness and tingling in the hands, weak grip and even shoulder pain, among other things.

Fascia is meant to be elastic and flexible and able to move with us. But overuse, underuse and injury will cause fascia to shrink, dry up and adhere to itself. And this is when pain happens, because you’re asking this dried up fascia that’s stuck to itself to move with you, and it can’t. Suddenly blood isn’t flowing to muscles, joints and organs freely; nerve signals are inhibited and movement becomes sluggish, difficult or painful.

Your fascia needs space so blood can flow and movement can happen.

The good news is your fasica wants to move freely again! Given the right ingredients it will spring back into its natural healthy state, sometimes in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Instant results:

There are a lot of methods and products out there that target fascia, but most attempt to manipulate it from the outside and force it to change (which rarely works or lasts). When you work with me we will leverage a concept so simple you’ll wonder why it wasn’t invented thousands of years ago: I will pin your fascia with most of my body weight (via my feet) and you will get your fascia to change itself (through movement) from the inside out. Imagine stepping on a resistance band with your foot, and pulling the band in opposite directions.

We’re essentially performing the most powerful “pin and stretch” on the planet while simultaneously “breaking up” any fascial adhesions that have been created through overuse, underuse or injury. 

DeltoidTechBut all of this would mean nothing without my database of pain patterns and their causes, which is extensive and nearly fool-proof from years of working with countless cases both simple and complex. From plantar fasciitis to low back and neck pain, to get lasting results you need to know exactly what to target, and I do. I am your secret weapon against pain and immobility! While I do love a good mystery and it’s fun to solve these pain and mobility puzzles, I’m rarely stumped these days. On the rare occasion it does happen, I get excited – because it means I’m about to learn something new that I can add to my database.

The philosophy is incredibly simple, but results depend on two things: my fierce guidance and your fearless participation. I have an unheard of track record for fast results that last because I don’t mess around.

Are you ready to eliminate pain and feel unstoppable?

Lose the pain - and your fear of pain - for good.


You won’t find anyone willing to work harder for and with you than I am!

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SKYPE SESSIONS (for people who don’t live near me): $150/hour
I am now taking long-distance clients via Skype. You’ll tell me what’s happening in your body, and I’ll assign you personalized mobility techniques that can help. I’ll show you how to perform them, watch you try them, offer corrections and answer any questions you have. Please EMAIL ME before scheduling for this option!


Do what you love.


 “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

~ Anaïs Nin

My name is Elisha Celeste and I help athletes and adventurers of all kinds eliminate pain – and the fear of pain – because I believe we all have the right and ability to feel unstoppable in our bodies and lives. My clients call me “the Pain Slaying Ninja,” but the truth is they are the warriors who continually inspire me by showing up for themselves, fearlessly committed to living their best lives.

I have a full time private practice in Boulder, CO where I teach my clients how to master mobility and trust their bodies. The toughest cases are my favorites because I learn the most from them.

High altitude mountains are my holy place, movement is my prayer, and I will never take either for granted.

In 2004 I thought I had no choice but to trade my beloved hiking and running trails for fluorescent lights and elliptical machines when years of crippling knee pain caught up to me and became unbearable. For six long years I couldn’t even hike a small hill without stabbing pain. And running? Forget it. Ten seconds would literally bring me to the ground.

When I moved to Colorado in 2011 I committed myself to fixing my own knees so I could run again. It only took two weeks before I could hike or run whatever I wanted, and now I have a burning passion for trail running and climbing the toughest of Colorado “14ers.”

While I still experience knee pain sometimes (rarely) I’ve completely abolished the fear that pain anywhere in my body will stop me from living the way I want to live. My greatest passion and joy is helping my clients do the same.

My Training and Experience:

In 2008 I completed a 600-hour massage therapy course in Georgia where I was then licensed for one year while I worked in a chiropractor’s office. Everyone that came to me was in pain, and I realized right away that massage therapy wasn’t enough to get them pain free. I found several alternative techniques that address pain specifically via the connective tissue or fascial system, including myofascial massage a la Thomas Myers of Anatomy trains, as well as Rossiter.

At first I applied these theories to techniques I could use with clients on my massage table. I was convinced within a very short time frame – based on results – that I wanted to work exclusively with the fascial system for pain relief. I quit massage in 2009 to focus full time on getting people out of pain and never looked back.

After moving to Colorado in 2011 I launched Boulder Pain Relief and built a successful full time private practice in 2012. Shortly after this I began to suspect that I did this work (of stepping on people) differently than I was taught. The deviations from my training were intuitive in the beginning but they’re now intentional, and I believe the results my clients get are a direct result of these subtle but distinct changes in technique, philosophy and application.

By far the greatest training I’ve had has been working with hundreds of clients over thousands of sessions on everything from the most stubborn back pain to tendonitis of all kinds. The human body itself has been, and continues to be, my greatest teacher. Together my clients and I solve puzzles that confound doctors and come up with new techniques that eliminate pain even faster.

This brand of fascial release I’ve developed takes the whole person into consideration – past and current traumas, nervous system patterns, personality types, physicality, muscles and nerves, and how ALL of this is reflected in the fascia.

I’ve named this method Kinetix™ Fascial Integration.

I graduated my first small group of four apprentices in 2016 and I could not be more proud of them!

What’s Next

Human bodies are fascinating to me. I’m constantly expanding my knowledge base of movement, fascia, mobility and the oh-so intriguing psychological aspects of pain and pain relief.

I can’t wait to launch the official Kinetix website and start teaching again.

I’ve created an online website called Mobility Mastery, which teaches you how to release fascia and eliminate pain at home using tools like foam rollers and lacrosse balls.

Eventually I want to teach self-help wilderness pain relief for people who want to learn how to address back pain, hip pain, knee pain etc WHILE climbing mountains, backpacking, rock climbing or otherwise being in the wild where it’s sometimes life or death if you can’t “walk out,” or means miles and hours of being in pain.

I feel really excited about continuing to help more and more people live pain free and unstoppable!

Great rewards await those willing to take risks.


Happy adventures!