Active bodywork for people who want FAST results that last.

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Eliminate pain from head to toe. Increase mobility, range of motion and flexibility. Optimize your athletic performance. Prevent injuries and recover faster.

Welcome to Boulder Pain Relief, Boulder’s most cutting edge method for reversing years of body stress as well as wear and tear on joints, muscles and tissue. Walk out of your first session with results you won’t find anywhere else, GUARANTEED!

My name is Elisha Celeste, and I am committed to helping you achieve the kind of pain-free, healthy and mobile body you need for your active lifestyle.

I specialize in natural, FAST pain relief and athletic performance optimization. The work I do is revolutionary. The results speak for themselves, and I offer an unheard of GUARANTEE.

Your body knows what it needs to heal. When we tune in together, really listen and give your body what it needs, healing happens rapidly (often in one session) and results LAST. Even (especially) for people who have been told they might have to live in pain forever or face shots and surgery.

The method I use, called Rossiter, targets the cause of most pain: tight, restricted connective tissue, working from the inside out through compression and movement to create LASTING change, and results are often immediate. Read more here.

I am an Advanced Certified Rossiter Coach with over 5 years experience and my job is to help you get yourself out of pain. This is a whole new way of thinking about pain and pain-relief!

I’ve helped many people eliminate pain such as:

  • Severe back pain, including people who were told they would have to live in pain forever or face shots and surgery.
  • “Bad knees,” including my own. Most of these people were able to return to their sport or activity, often immediately.
  • Shoulder, neck and upper back tension, pain or immobility (from car accidents, stress and lifestyle)
  • Hip and low back pain/sciatica, both chronic and acute.
  • Carpal tunnel, restless legs, plantar fasciitis and MORE! (For more information and a complete list, click here)

I currently work out of a beautiful healing and psychotherapy center called HoloBeing, conveniently located in Boulder, CO at 3008 Folsom (cross street is Valmont) inside the one story gray strip mall on the east side. Parking is easy (and free) and can be found behind the building.

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I look forward to working with you!


Here is what Richard Rossiter has to say about my abilities as a Rossiter Coach:

“I love Elisha’s work!  As the founder of Rossiter and Elisha’s instructor and mentor, I can tell you she is an extremely talented Coach. I have had the honor of Elisha working on me many times over the years during training and outside of class, and I must say, she does it with gusto and GETS RESULTS. I highly recommend Elisha to anyone looking to get out of pain fast using The Rossiter System.”